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The Year's Top Hard Science Fiction Stories 7

edited by Allan Kaster

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An unabridged collection spotlighting the best hard science fiction stories and novellas published in 2022 by current and emerging masters of the science fiction genre, edited by Allan Kaster.  


  • "The Lichens" by Nina Allan—A 22nd century botanist asks a teacher in Scotland, at the time of Culloden, for help with her research.

  • "Beneath the Surface, a Womb of Ice" by Deborah L. Davitt—A biochemist involved in the search for water on Mars finds refuge in the mechanics of science.

  • "A Stone's Throw" by Gregory Feeley—Romance burns hot amidst the cold moons of Neptune.

  • "The Wine-Dark Deep" by Sheila Finch—A cephalopod researcher discovers petroglyphs on the walls of a deep underwater cave.

  • "Cloudchaser" by Tom Jolly—A collector of rare artifacts hides his valuables on darkworlds.

  • "The Ploughshare and the Storm" by Gwyneth Jones—Post-human artists find a time capsule on Europa.

  • "Nonstandard Candles" by Yoon Ha Lee—A cartographer and her apprentice map the outer darkness of space.

  • "Timekeepers' Symphony" by Ken Liu—The colonization of the cosmos transforms humanity's sense of time.

  • "Maryon's Gift" by Paul McAuley—Monks fight to keep a newly discovered pristine world free of humans.

  • "Goldie" by Sean Monaghan—Scientists learn a lot about themselves while studying the ecosystems of an alien world.

  • "The Abacus and the Infinite Vessel" by Vikram Ramakrishnan—A scientist recalls the struggles of her and her mother after immigrating to Mars.

  • "I Give You the Moon" by Justina Robson—A history student yearns for a dose of reality in an AR-immersed future.

  • "The Difference Between Love and Time" by Catherynne M. Valente—A woman has a relationship with the space-time continuum that's a bit different than most of us.

  • "Critical Mass" by Peter Watts—An avant-garde artist, past his prime, discovers his works are being vandalized.

  • "Communion" by Jay Werkheiser and Frank Wu—A pilot is caught in a life and death struggle between his ship's AI and an alien microbe after crash landing on an ice moon.