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Starship Vectors


edited by Allan Kaster
Unabridged readings by Tom Dheere and Nicola Barber

playing time: approximately 8 Hours & 54 Minutes / ISBN: 9781884612947

audible download price: $23.09

Starships come in many shapes and sizes. Their crews and passengers are an eclectic lot. They venture into the deep voids of space on their assigned missions.  Sometimes they succeed and sometimes they do not. This collection tells the stories of six of these starships. Those aboard the Mayflower II are determined to be the first generation ship to successfully reach another galaxy in a story ("Mayflower II") by Stephen Baxter that takes place in the Xeelee universe. In "Boojum," by Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette, space pirates are on the prowl for booty aboard the living starship, Lavinia Whateley. In "The Political Officer," by Charles Coleman Finlay, the crew aboard a military starship must contend with both the enemy and a political officer. In "The Tomb Wife,"by Gwyneth Jones, the navigator of the interstellar freighter, Pirate Jenny, hears a ghost from an alien tomb in its cargo hold. Two competitive physicists aboard the Kepler use uploads of themselves to probe the scientific mysteries of radiation-rich space in "Shiva in Shadow" by Nancy Kress. A wealthy woman explores the lives of the less fortunate aboard a starship larger than Earth in Robert Reed's "The Remoras,"part of the author's ongoing Marrow series.